661 To Open Road

661 north

If you manage to get yourself stuck on the Gulf side of Florida in January there is still a bit of riding and camaraderie to be had. There are a few good corners, good bars, and good people. It was a cold (relatively) and grey (not relatively) morning when I pulled out of Punta Gorda. […]

How Do You Park Your Bike?

Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 10.31.28 AM

  NOSE IN                                    VS.               BACKED IN                   How do you park your bike? Front wheel in against the curb having arrived at your […]

Kickstand Lodge


  If you’re lucky enough to live within riding distance of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, than you’re lucky enough to have access to some of the best riding in America. Oh sure…there’s Colorado, the California coast, and the Cascades in Washington and BC, but those aren’t the point right now… … and […]

Cat In The Cream

The Geez

There have been some snags with my riding plans in the last few years and although I’m not much for making New Year’s Resolutions, when January 1st rung in, I’d had enough! There would be no more regretting that I didn’t ride enough this year. And by ‘no more regretting’ I didn’t mean that I […]

Riding on Snow!


Waddya do when it’s too cold to ride the Harley? Up in Canada we go snowmobiling!! I was in Whistler for the weekend and decided to check out Canadian Wilderness Adventures. I have a friend in the travel biz and she recommended these guys so I figured they’d be good, but I wasn’t expecting this!! Right from […]

An Ape Hanger Debate

The Geez Ape Hangers

I just replaced my old 12” handlebars with 16” ape hangers. I’ve had the new bars on the bike for a total of 3 days and practically everyone I know (who doesn’t ride) is all concerned for my comfort. Here are the top three concerns from the masses: “They can’t be comfortable.” “Can you even […]

Two Things In Toronto


There are two things you need to know if you’re going to Toronto, and they’re both at the corner of Queen Street and Broadview Avenue about a 15 minute cab ride east of downtown Toronto. Dangerous Dan’s and Jilly’s. Dangerous Dan’s diner has been reviewed as “Probably the most unhealthy restaurant in Canada”, and word […]

Tanque Verde Ranch


I was put in charge of planning a trip for The Feline and I. I wasn’t exactly sure what the right plan was but I guessed (correctly) that renting a bike somewhere hot and riding 500 miles a day wasn’t quite what she had in mind, so I tried to think outside the saddle. And […]

Eaglerider Fort Lauderdale


I made plans to get out of the winter cold and go ride somewhere warm; so riding The Keys in Florida seemed to just make sense. I booked my bike through Eaglerider in Fort Lauderdale and picked it up the day after I landed in Miami. 20 minutes after getting on the Electraglide it started to […]

Burnt Hills, LA


It was a Monday, or a Tuesday..whatever… I’d flown into LA for some meetings. My buddy PH hooked me up with a Street Glide from Eaglerider so I was toodlin’ around Hollywood going to various meetings. It was Monday afternoon (yes, I remember now) and I had just finished up a meeting in Santa Monica […]