The Geez grew up the youngest son of a Prairie Mennonite Reverend and somehow turned into the man who lives the stories we couldn’t even make up.

He likes things out of the ordinary. From gold mining in the Yukon to washing dishes in a greasy spoon in Brisbane. He has worked as a Blackjack Dealer, a bouncer, a chambermaid, a corporate sales exec., and somehow ended up cooking for a Chinese movie crew in Shanghai. He’s come face to face with a grizzly, dodged moose on the highway, and swam with sharks and killer jellyfish.

The Geez approaches every day with a gleam in his eye, as if he’s surprised he didn’t die in his sleep. He’s a rider, a writer, a drummer, makes motorcycle movies for his friends, and lights his campfires with one match; no paper.

He’s not interested in the easiest way or the shortest route. When he walks through the airport he doesn’t roll his luggage like a flight attendant; he carries it like John Wayne would have.

The Geez has ridden over 300,000 miles since he bought his first bike off a cash-strapped missionary over 25 years ago and has been known to ride from LA to Portland in a single day to meet a girl for dinner (well, he claims it was dinner).

The Geez’ goal is to experience the freedom, simplicity and hospitality of the world. If it doesn’t fit on his bike it doesn’t come on the trip. You’ll never find him taking orders from a GPS, and he prefers to cook over an open fire while camping.

As The Geez says, “There’s a lot of America that seems forgotten; the small towns and narrow highways are where you’ll find the life I’m living. I want to show people that this world is friendly (mostly) and accessible. There’s plenty of this life to go around so if you see me out there come       say hi – maybe we can have a beer and share a tale or two.”